Concrete Repairs


Concrete Repairs SCB Services have completed over 5,000 concrete repair projects since 1980.

All of our structural repairs comply the European standard for concrete repair, EN1504. Full PI can be provided to cover both design and repair works.

We offer the following services:

  • Structure survey, material testing and repair specification advice.
  • Concrete repair, both structural and decorative.
  • Structural crack […]
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Leak Sealing – Remedial Waterproofing


Leak Sealing – Remedial Waterproofing SCB Services specialise in remedial waterproofing using resin injection and tanking systems. From lift pits to tunnels we can offer long-term solutions that will last the life of the structure.

  1. Leak sealing using resin injection
  2. Internal and external tanking systems
  3. Drainage membranes and sump pumps

We specialise in sealing:

  1. Lift […]
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Hydrodemolition SCB Services can offer both robotic and hand lance hydrodemolition. This system uses high pressure water to remove concrete without damaging the reinforcement.

The advantages of hydrodemolition over traditional hammers / breakers are:

  1. No vibration. Traditional demolition hammers will cause vibrations, which in turn can cause micro cracking in the surrounding concrete structure. This […]

Masonry Repairs


Masonry Repairs There are many reasons that masonry structures crack and SCB Services can offer a long-term sympathetic solution, that will NOT scar the façade. We have installed over 3,000M of Helical Bar in the National Gallery alone, as well as many of Ireland’s Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

We can offer the following solutions:

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Cathodic Protection


Cathodic Protection Corrosion is the most common cause of damage in concrete structures, and typically should be the single biggest concern when designing a long-term repair solution. SCB Services can offer a full Cathodic Design and Repair Package including installation. Our Cathodic system and repairs will be covered by PI and can have a […]

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Specialist Access Systems


Specialist Access Systems Providing safe access can often be one of the most challenging aspects of repairing a structure. For this reason, we have invested in our staff and equipment, to ensure we can provide our own access. This ensures that the repairs are carried out by SCB concrete repair operatives, and […]

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Drainage Membranes


Drainage Membranes Both old and new basements should be tanked with two waterproofing systems. Either an internal or external tanking system should be applied to the walls and floor slab. A second system should then be installed using drainage membranes. This system will be able to deal with any changes in the future and […]

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Confined Space Crews


Confined Space Crews Our confined space crews are experienced operatives, with many years of real world experience. We can provide full Breathing Apparatus (BA), rescue teams and highly experienced confined space safety officers to oversee projects. We generally work in tanks, pipelines, reservoirs, manholes and silos, undertaking, surveys, structural repairs, leak sealing, cleaning and […]

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Resin Flooring


Resin Flooring With nearly four decades of floor coating experience, we can offer our clients a one stop solution for all of their surface preparation and flooring requirements.

  • Dustless surface preparation, grinding and vacuum blasting.
  • Data centre flooring.
  • Anti – Static Flooring.
  • Decorative Epoxy Flooring.
  • Slip Resistant Floor Coatings.
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Flooring.
  • Chemical […]
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Epoxy Crack Injection


Epoxy Crack Injection Cracks in reinforced concrete can compromise the design of concrete structures and also significantly reduce their service life, as the reinforcement is exposed to the elements and will deteriorate quickly leading to corrosion. SCB Services can fill these cracks using a system called Structural Concrete Bonding, or Resin Injection.

The cracks are […]

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