Bund Lining Systems


Bund Lining Systems

SCB Services can offer a wide range of chemical lining systems, including spray applied Polyurea, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, Cementitious and Silicate.

Our systems have been proven globally in Power Generation, Pharma, Industry and Water Treatment .

  • Our systems are flexible which will allow them to span cracks and joints in the substrate. […]
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Podium Waterproofing

Podium Waterproofing

We can offer a wide range of podium waterproofing systems, from spray applied Polyurea, which will cure in seconds, too cold applied liquid membranes. All of our systems can be trafficked and they will all […]

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Wind Turbine Repairs


Wind Turbine Repairs

To date we have successfully repaired over 100 wind turbine bases. None of our repairs have failed and the turbines are fully operational. We can solve the following problems:

  • Rocking cans.
  • Failed waterproofing.
  • Crack repair.
  • Concrete base repair.
  • […]

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Potable Water Tanks


Potable Water Tanks SCB Services have been repairing and lining underground tanks and pipelines since 1980.

We offer the following services:

  • Confined space crews and risk assessments including specialist rescue teams and medics.
  • Tank surveys and repair specifications.
  • Tank repairs, including concrete repair, leak sealing, cleaning and potable water certified lining systems.


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